Mar 3, 2011

Time For a Library Card

cat with books

Mom is very, very happy! Happy because one of the things I had hoped for since my son was born, has happened. My six year old son loves to read! The fact that he can read is not new. He started reading just before he was three years old.

What has happened now is that he reads for pleasure, just for himself and he is going through the books I have for him at full speed. Every night so far this week he has gone to bed to read. He reads until he falls asleep (usually about two hours of reading!). To see him sitting up in bed, completely engrossed in a book, warms my heart.

So far he really enjoys the "Nate The Great" detective series and "Pixie Tricks" books. I have the first Harry Potter here for him to read as well. He also likes "The Magic Tree House" series.

Now I need ideas about other good chapter books to find for him. I grew up on Nancy Drew and Little House books, but I'm not too sure he would want to read those (wow, that sounds rather sexist). Maybe he would like The Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew) though? Suggestions are welcome!

After hearing so many stories about children who don't like to read, particularly boys, I was worried that he would not grow to love books the way I do. I was also worried that the computer might take their place.

So, I am now proud and very happy to report: I have a reader!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, a library card is definitely an underrated milestone. Congrats! I don't know what books young kids are reading these days, but I'm sure he'll find ones he loves. :)

Vixen said...

You must be so thrilled! I was (still am) a big reader and as a child I spent hours reading (as did my parents). How wonderful that he is doing so. I didn't luck out. Not a single one of my three kids are readers. I will have to hold out hope for the grandkids I guess!

Lin said...

My kids both liked the Boxcar Children series. That is perfect for that age group.

Also, just go to the bookstore and look at the series' there. Talk to an employee in that section and they can lead you to what today's kids like. There are always "in" books that they know about.

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