Feb 24, 2011

Death Defying Tree

During the 2004 hurricanes, this tree in our yard almost split in two. I thought for sure it would die by now, but so far it's hanging on.

I think the patterns in the exposed trunk of the tree are interesting. The trunk is cut in half from where the main branches start to sprout, all the way to the ground.

The tree does lean over some but has yet to fall or rot out completely. This is also the tree where I feed the birds and the squirrels. They love all the nooks and crannies in the trunk filled with bugs and hidden nuts.

Who knows how long it will live, but at least it's leaning away from the house if it does decide to fall!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, that tree is holding on. We have a tree that is damaged too, and will probably have to come out because it's right on the street. Wouldn't want any cars or passersby to get crushed.

Lin said...

As long as it isn't dangerous, I would say hang onto it. I mean, I think it has a will to live, right?! :)

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