Mar 11, 2011

Indoor Ant Hill

ant farmMy son received an Ant Hillfor Christmas this year. It came with a coupon to order live ants to be shipped later. We had to wait for warmer weather to have them shipped so they did not freeze en route.

The Western Harvester Ants arrived this week and we quickly set up their new home. Within a few hours they already started several tunnels.

ant farm
By day number two, they had really moved things around. It seems a few of them died over night but according to the instructions, that is normal.

We fed them a sunflower seed and a tiny piece of carrot. That much food is supposed to be enough for a few days, along with a drop of water now and then.

ant farmMy son expected to see a queen ant but apparently it is illegal to ship the queens across state lines. The instructions said the ants will live for several weeks, but I'm skeptical.

They don't seem too perky today. I may end up taking pity on them and talking my son into releasing them. Mom's a real softy, even when it comes to ants.


Lin said...

Hahaha! You are like me--I can't stand to see them die. I'd be releasing them too. I think it is a "mom" thing--once you create life, you do everything in your power to preserve it.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Let me tell you, if my son received an ant hill as a gift, I would be sending the gift giver some kind of hate mail.


You're so brave!

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