Welcome to Nodin's Nest!

My name is DJ and this blog is the story of my journey as the single mom of a gifted son. I am also a secular home educator. After a decade of planning and several years of trying, my son was born.

Now I find I still spend a lot of time planning and trying. Planning his day to day lessons and our future together. Keeping up with the changing needs of educating a gifted child and then trying to find ways to manage it all. I'm an "older" single mom, I was 43 when my son was born in 2004.

I'm also a semi-retired veterinary technician who now pet sits full time and sells crafts in my Etsy Shop. There you will find felt board sets, cupcake trinket boxes and other gifts made by me in my home.

You may also see links to Amazon.com in my posts and if you decide to order from them, I do receive a small commission. I only link to things I already own and love, just to be clear.

I hope you'll stop by from time to time to comment about your own adventures and maybe we can learn something from each other.

Peace to you and yours, DJ

*Feel free to contact me: Tenkatt@aol.com with questions, comments or advertising inquires.

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