Dec 21, 2008

Holiday Scenery

We went for our neighborhood walk to look at the lights.
I need more practice with my camera taking night photos, but here are a few pictures.

This one was my favorite! The whole house was done in blue lights.
It looked very peaceful and serene.

My son liked these guys best. The little penguins went up and down inside the igloos.

This house was huge and they had lights everywhere. This photo doesn't show half of them. They had huge trees on both sides of the house draped in lights too.
All the lighted figures on the lawn were animated and some of them played Christmas music.
I hope for their neighbor's sake, they turned it off at a reasonable hour!


Julie said...

That blue one is so very pretty! Of course, I also rather adore the penguins!

Rosebud Collection said...

Some people do such a beautiful job decorating.
I think I am lazy..I put a wreath on the door and that is it..Sometimes I do better than others..but no matter what...I still have the Christmas Spirit..Happy Holiday to you all.

Nodin's Nest said...

Julie: The penguins were very cute! Thanks for visiting.
Rosebud: All we did this year was door as well, trying to save money and all. Happy Hoildays to you as well!

demandablog said...

I usually don't prefer blue lights, but this house looks so pretty! :)

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