Dec 23, 2008

Santa Needs Advice!

Out of the blue today, my son told me he wants Santa to bring him a xylophone for Christmas. I realize that this is not an unreasonable request from a child who until now had said all he wants is a very bouncy ball.
I have refrained from actually asking him what he wants because it has been my goal that our holiday not be focused on gift giving. Also as far I was concerned, the shopping was finished. So I asked him why he thought he wanted a xylophone and his response was "because I didn't get one for my birthday".

My dilemma now is, should I indulge my four year and make a last minute trip to the store and hunt for a xylophone or should I use this as an opportunity for him to learn that you don't always get everything you want for Christmas.
I think he will be happy with Santa's choices and may not even care if he doesn't get one. Then again, do I want tears on Christmas, since he already felt slighted on his birthday ? (I had no idea he wanted one for his birthday until now)

I need some opinions folks and fast! What would you do?
12/25 update: I went to look for a xylophone and could not find one. I told him that maybe Santa will tell the Easter Bunny and he will bring it in the spring. Now he wants a marble maze instead :)


amy said...

Well, a couple years ago when my older son asked for a robot with just a few days to go, I found a robot. But, that gift was from his dad and me, not from Santa. So I guess I'd lean towards getting the xylophone, which is a small request anyway. You're only four once.

(If you're concerned it's too much stuff, could you swap out one of the other gifts and save it for another time?)

Leslie Smith, B.Msc. said...

Aye aye aye...children melt me. If the shopping was finished, I would probably, (and this is me), not get one, considering the list has already been given to Santa. But, if you really want COULD make it a surprise (but don't get stressed out about it if you can't find one.) If you CAN find could leave that present out on the doorstep. After he has opened all of his other presents, someone could secretly ring the doorbell....and sitting there outside, could be a wrapped xylophone...(add glitter for the santa trail) from a gift that santa forgot to leave under the tree...

Nodin's Nest said...

Amy: That's what I keep saying to myself, "he's only four once". What's more I'll only have his 4th Christmas with him once!
Leslie: I love this idea, glitter is always good!

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