Dec 12, 2013

Wall Christmas Trees

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This year I'm looking for ideas for a wall tree instead our usual cat playground known as the traditional Christmas tree. I realize we are running out of time, so I went pinning and these are some I found.

What do you think? I'm still not convinced the cats won't just climb the walls too, but it's a thought.
My other thought is no tree at all, but not sure I can convince my son about that one ;)


Lin said...

Can't you keep the cats out of the tree? We never had that problem for some reason.

DJ said...

@Lin: I've tried many ways over the years, but none work with the last 2 cats. One likes to chew the cords and the other will fly through the air from any angle, to steal an ornament. Other than putting in my office with the door always closed, it's become pointless. Last year I put it up for only the last 5 days before Christmas and by day 2 it looked like trash. This is a small tree on a table and at night, I wrapped a sheet around it, but he still tore it off.
Someone should invent a large lucite box you drop over the top, like a giant showcase, to protect trees from pets and small children! lol

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