Nov 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year my son decided he wanted to be something scary, sort of.  Of course I didn't get the memo until the last minute and had to scramble to come up with a costume.  I ended up with a combination grim reaper and street urchin. He even let me put some makeup on his face.  He loved it and had a ball walking the street in disguise! This is his best scary face for the camera.


Lin said...

Love it! I like when the kids have homemade costumes instead of the store-bought ones. I think it's good for their imagination to think of ways to dress up.

He looks scary to me!

DJ said...

@Lin: Thanks, he really loved it this year because he didn't look like anyone else. Thanks for your visit, it's been hard to keep up with posting lately, but I can always count on you!

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