Dec 4, 2012

Some Old With Some New Fish

fish tank
For his recent 8th birthday, all my son wanted was to set up his aquarium again with some new fish.
Great I thought, easy peasy! The fish tank was in the garage and with any luck, everything still worked. It did, saved a few dollars there for sure.

Then it was off to the pet store to find some 10 cent fish. Maybe even a 50 cent fish or two. Ha!
Thirty minutes and $53 later we had eleven new fish.  Eleven tiny fish, a bottle of water conditioner and a tiny container of fish food...$53!

All I can say is that I'm sure glad the tank and pump worked and that $6 for a 1/2 inch fish is ridiculous! My son is very happy and determined to make sure they all live a long a healthy life.
They better, because any replacements will be minnows from the canal down the road :)


Lin said...

Ugh. All those little pets cost you the most money, don't they? Especially when the darn fish get sick--you spend a fortune only to have them die anyway.

Hamsters are like that too. Those suckers are EXPENSIVE when it comes to food, shavings, and chew toys.

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