Dec 10, 2012

It's Fishy Christmas 2012

It's a fishy theme all around this year! My son's new found infatuation with the aquarium, inspired me to break out the fish this Christmas. Best part is, I already had all these stored away. Almost 30 years ago, I owned a small gift shop and every year I had a different themed tree.

The fish ornaments are made of bamboo and were crafted in The Peoples Republic of China. The tree top is a real blow fish that I bought dried. I painted him, crafted some fancy fins, and named him King Neptune. He was the talk of the shop that year, everyone wanted to buy him but I just couldn't put a price on the king's head :)

The theme that year was Christmas under the sea. The tree also had hand painted sea horses and baskets of pirate treasure. Our tree is too small for all of them so we just went with the fish. Plus with the cats around, it's hard enough to keep the tree safe without dangling baskets of jewels!


Lin said...

What a great tree! So unique! I'll bet your son loves it. :)

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