Apr 25, 2012

Must Be A Boy Thing

I sure don't remember acting like this. As of late my 7yr. old son has turned into a walking, talking cartoon character.  He can't answer a simple question or get through a conversation without making faces or sound effects. It's driving me batty!

Either he's spending too much time playing animated video games or he's rehearsing for his future spot on Saturday Night Live. Is it normal to be this "over the top" with creative expression or is he just trying to make me loose it?

It seems to be worse when he's bored or whenever I'm trying to make a point during lessons. If he was in school, I imagine I'd be getting calls from the principle by now. I'm hoping this will pass but after having my 15 yr old nephew visiting recently, I can see this is a long term issue. The 15 yr old was worse than my son! Making faces at his Aunt DJ was not well received, especially when I needed a direct answer.

I'll never make it until my son is twenty one without medication at this rate! Help!


Lin said...

It's a boy thing. While girls go through the annoying stuff harder and faster, boys just take FOREVER. But be glad--it's much easier with boys than girls. MUCH. EASIER.

Maintain your sense of humor. It's the only way to survive.

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