Apr 12, 2012

The Ancients Had The Good Life.

We are studying Ancient History this year and today while talking about ancient China and the Shang Dynasty, my son had a revelation. He suddenly stopped his work and said to me: " Mom, when it's too easy, it's boring!" 

At first I thought he was complaining about the lesson, which he does do if it's too easy.  I said ok then, lets turn it up a notch and go to the library. We can research pictograms or Ancient Chinese weapons.

While he agreed that would be good too, what he meant to say was that  "When life is too easy, it's boring". "I think we should go back to doing more things by hand, so our work will be more exciting!"

Apparently the stories of ancient people who worked with their hands, created their own tools, grew their own food and wove silk for cloth, sounds more exciting than ordering things from Amazon. Out of the mouths of babes indeed.  Just hoping he doesn't want to raise silkworms now! :)


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