Oct 13, 2011

Pumpkin Design Time

Once again it's Fall and Halloween is coming. In previous years my son has changed his mind five times by now about what he wants to be. This year however, he is firm in his decision to be Harry Potter.

Not too original I know, but I figure every boy who has read the books or seen the movies, goes through this stage. Most days he's either pretending to sword fight foes or casting wizard spells at anything that moves. At least it's an easy costume to create. Not like some earlier years when he drove mommy crazy with even crazier ideas!

Since we have the costume nailed down, all we have to decide now is how to carve our Jack-o-Lantern. In years past we have created a hawk and a Florida gator. My son is leaning toward a wolf but mommy gets the final say, since I have to actually be able to do it. I like to try and make our Jack-o-Lanterns something unusual and native to the area. I have yet to see a wolf any where near by. All suggestions are welcome!


Lin said...

Crud, we always just make a face on our pumpkins. I would have no idea how to make a wolf!!

Good luck with that!

I hope we see photos of the Halloween costume. I miss those days.

Holly said...

A manatee? Great blue heron? Construction crane? Heh.

I waited a while to get my son's costume too because I was so afraid he'd change his mind!

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