Aug 16, 2011

Toby Can Walk!

This is a very happy update to my story of Toby who came to live with us in May. He is a sweet little poodle /bichon cross who had a back injury a year ago and was partially paralyzed from his hips down. After some intensive nutritional and physical therapy, he stood up on his own to eat about three weeks after moving in with us.

Now he has been with us for three months and he is beginning to walk short distances on his own. He can't do it on my tile floor but on rugs and outside, he can walk about six feet before falling. I am more than a little amazed at this dog's ability to repair his spinal function! We will still use his dog cart for long walks because it is important that he keeps his spine in proper alignment to continue therapy.

The injury and surgery to try to repair his back was in August of 2010. The neurologist warned me that his condition might be "as good as it gets" when I adopted him. He has now proved her wrong. A whole year later, he is standing and walking! His gait is far from perfect, but I have no doubt he will improve even more.

All I hope for is that he can walk around my home with ease and comfort. He may never be able to run and jump but that's ok. Dogs and cats abilities to repair and rebuild spinal injuries are somewhat of a miracle. So to anyone who has a pet with a back and /or spinal cord injury, don't give up! It may take time (a lot of time and work) but they still may walk again.


Katie said...

This is the best news ever! It's been a rough stretch on the pet front-good news has long been overdue. Toby is the luckiest little dog.

Holly said...

Wow and yay! You have a talent with animals. Hugs for Toby....

Lin said...

That is an incredible story!! I'm sure it has a lot to do with Toby's will as well. What a great little guy you got there!

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