Dec 26, 2010

Solstice Wall Decor

I decided to add some things to my Etsy shop for the New Year. I love whimsical faces and art combined to cheer up a room, so I'm making some fun fabric wall decor.

Right now I'm just going through my fabric stash, throwing colors and patterns together to see what I come up with. This one is made from vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric swatches and some very old (maybe 30yr old) green and blue seersucker. The facial features are made from felt, cut freehand.

My photo is not the best, it was late afternoon and the colors seem muted to me. I will be taking some new shots (thanks to the new camera I got for Xmas!) and maybe try to get the focus a little better.

I have a couple more Solstice fabric faces for sale in my shop and hope to add others soon. It takes some time to select, cut and piece them altogether but I'm having fun playing with the patterns!


Lin said...

Very cute! Sometimes we all need a smiley face to have hanging around. :)

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