Dec 30, 2010

Another Night Visitor

stray cat We have a new night visitor at our place. This beautiful tabby has been hanging around the bird feeder in the late afternoons. The squirrels have not been happy about it at all, but they get plenty of food when he's not around.

He's not neutered and has a few battle scars, so I assume he's a stray. I watched him catch a rat one day, that was trying to get into the bird feeder. He's wasted no time carrying it off into woods to eat.

tabby cat

Even with my new camera's zoom, I couldn't get close enough for a good photo. He's not particularly social yet.

Now the question is, do I put out food for him or let him catch the rats (and maybe an occasional bird)? At the moment he appears to be young and quite healthy. However that can change quickly with an outdoor cat. If he gets friendly enough that I can trap him, I will get him neutered,vaccinated and let him live outdoors.

The black cat we were feeding and trying to tame last year, disappeared. I now think he was much older so it's likely he died outside. Poor thing, at least he had a few good meals before he went.


Lin said...

Ah, that depends on if you want to be responsible for him. I would think having him fixed and released is a good option. And even if you feed him, he will still catch the rats and birds--once they do it for food, they do it for sport. You can make him a little house for the colder months too--to keep him warm.

I think I just gave my opinion on what to do, eh?? ;)

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