Jun 8, 2010

My Son, The Author

A few weeks ago while in bed one night, my son wrote his first story, on his own. When he was finished, he showed me two full pages of sentences. He couldn't wait to read it to me and I couldn't wait to hear it. It was about a mother dinosaur protecting her eggs.

He didn't spell all the words correctly but he did have the correct punctuation. Funny thing is, the long names of the dinosaurs he did spell correctly! It's some of the simple words he had trouble with. I'm always amazed when he can read and write great big words before the smaller ones.

I was so impressed, I told him I would make his story into a book. So I typed it into a word document, leaving a space at the top of each page for an illustration. I made the necessary corrections and also made a cover page. The cover has a title and names him as author and illustrator.

Then I found some coloring pages for him to color that went along with his story. I pasted a picture at the top of each page and then laminated the pages. With a hole punch, I made three holes and clipped the pages together with small key rings. He was thrilled and now we have a wonderful keepsake to cherish!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Awesome! He's going to love this book forever. Way to go, both of you.

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