Jun 3, 2010

Cucumber Success!


After last year's gardening disasters, I'm proud to announce we finally have our first cucumbers!

Not sure how many we will end up with, but the whole point was for my son to see the vegetables grow. We have accomplished that.
I don't know why they are curving, it may be due to lack of fertilizer. They also tend to dry out too much between watering.

We don't put as much time into the garden as I would like, so it's survival of the fittest only around here.
We are still trying to grow tomatoes. The caterpillars are giving us a run for our money, so we may not have much to show, but at least he is learning and having fun trying.


Lin said...

It's all about learning--even the part about watering and pests and such. It's a matter of out-witting the evils that destroy your crop!

Enjoy the bounty! :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I'm impressed! Your son must be so happy to see something grow that he planted. How do you handle gardening in this heat? I have great ambitions but just can't take it.

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