Dec 1, 2009

My Baby is Five

I still can not believe that this tiny face is now five years old. Yesterday was his 5th birthday, but we are celebrating on the weekend.

Between Thanksgiving and a very full pet sitting schedule, his birthday would have gotten lost this week. We are going to bake his cake together and have family over for pizza.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy! No matter how much you grow, this is the image that will forever live in my heart.


Christine Holroyd said...

Awww. What a fresh, sweet face. He looks so aware for such a little dot. I'll bet he's growing into a gorgeous person.

DJ said...

@Christine: Thank you, yes he was very aware then and now!

hipumpkins said...

Isn't 5 such a milestone? Happy birthday little guy!

Vixen said...

As much as he has grown though, his eyes are exactly the same! Bright and intelligent.

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