Dec 6, 2009

Birthday Balloons

We had my son's belated birthday celebration today. It was a small gathering, just family. My nephew who is thirteen came and he kept my son entertained. I think he really enjoyed himself, even though it wasn't a big party. He went to bed singing "It's my birthday, happy, happy, birthday!"

He received several very nice gifts, but as usual he had more fun with the balloons than anything. He took them with him from room to room all night and then to bed. I had to take them out of the room after he fell asleep so he didn't tangle himself up in the night!

It's great that even at five years old, he's still so easily entertained. The balloons were not such a big hit with the cats however. I'm sure they will be making themselves scarce until they deflate.


H.E.Eigler said...

I don't remember being so in love with balloons but it's amazing how kids adore them isn't it? Happy birthday to your little man!

Lauri said...

Congrats Cuz in Law!!
Enjoy it, is goes so fast

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