Nov 23, 2009

Toilet Training Triumph!

I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing this but my son has been out of pull-ups at night now for a whole week! He wakes up dry and goes right to the bathroom. There have been no bathroom accidents at all for the last few months. He has been wearing underwear during the day all year. Considering my past troubles with toilet training, I'm just thrilled he has mastered the nighttime skill before his fifth birthday (just barely).

He probably would have been out of them earlier had I known what the problem was. It seems he could go all night without wetting but then in the morning when he had to go, he could not get his pull-up off fast enough, so he just went in it. I just assumed he was going in the night until I asked him why he always had a wet nappy in the morning.

He told me that the pull-up was too hard to get off and the sides always ripped. So he didn't even try. He said underwear would be faster. Who knew? That night I told him he was going to bed in underwear, I reminded him not to forget in the morning that he did not have a nappy on, and wet the bed. He didn't, he went right to the toilet and that was that. We have been nappy free ever since!

So if your child comes to you with a wet pull-up in the morning, don't assume they are having nighttime accidents. Could be they are dry until they wake up and then can't get the pull-up off in time. I never would have guessed he was struggling with the pull-up. Silly mommy!


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Hey, take your triumph where you can! Hoorah!

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