Nov 17, 2009

A Most Generous Gift!

We just received a very generous gift from a neighbor. He has condo's that he rents out and is replacing some of the furniture in them. Yesterday he pulled up in my driveway with a TV he was going to put in storage but decided to give it to us instead!
I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say.
The TV is a Sanyo with a 26 inch screen (we never had a screen that big) and it's only 5 years old!

We have been watching a small 19 inch one, and I had to pull the TV table close to the sofa so we could see it. Now I can put my living furniture where it's supposed to be and see the TV from anywhere. My son thinks Christmas came early and I tend to agree.

I'm waiting for the inevitable question of "What are we going to do with the old one, mom?"
The answer is "No, it's not going in your room". I'm not about to pay for another cable box right now. I suppose he could watch videos (funny how I still call them videos when they are dvd's) on it, but I would need another DVD player also. So, back to "No, it's not going in your room". Maybe when he's a little older. Who knows, in a year or two I may be glad he's spending too much time in his room.


Vixen said...

What a great guy!

He has a few more years before you'll wish he would lock himself in his room all day, lol.

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