Oct 21, 2009

Pumpkin Picking in South Florida

This week we went to the pumpkin patch. The South Florida version that is. This amounts to a vacant lot next to the highway, between a gas station and a fast food restaurant. As far as my son is concerned though, it's a little piece of country heaven. He had a blast running between the rows of trucked in pumpkins and touching the prickly hay bales.

They had Indian corn and mini pumpkins for sale as well. I loved the antique items they used to display old Halloween decorations and of course the scarecrows they made. We picked up a couple of pumpkins and one bunch of Indian corn for our front porch. I realized while trying to take pictures that he really needed a haircut and that was our next stop.


Vixen said...

When we went to the pumpkin patch here, where they "grow" pumpkins, I wandered around the back of the store (I thought I spied a pomegranate tree, which I did). Anyway, I found boxes and boxes of trucked in pumpkins! Cheaters.

DJ said...

@Vixen: Man, even when you think your shopping local, your not. That is cheating!

Mrs. C said...

It looks like fun!

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