Oct 16, 2009


Look what we got in the mail today!
My son decided to be a Magicianthis year for Halloween.
The costume arrived today and he is thrilled!
He likes this one because there is nothing on his face, he is afraid of masks. The hat is a little smashed, but I think if I place it on a form of some kind, it will regain it's shape before Halloween. I was glad he chose something that could be used year round for dress up play as well.

I thought about making him a costume this year but after spending a huge amount of time on previous years costumes, only to have him refuse to go, my heart wasn't in it this year.
He seems very excited to go this time and hopefully won't chicken out. If not, we will have fun handing out candy together anyway.
Once he actually goes and enjoys dressing up, I'm sure I'll go back to making a costume for him.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will finally be his first year trick-or-treating!


Vixen said...

Crossing my fingers too! That costume is great.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...


DJ said...

@Vixen: I hope this costume does the trick!
@Holly: Thanks!

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