Aug 24, 2009

How to Make an Easy Wind Chime

This wind chime was super easy to make! All we did was cover the back of three empty cat food cans with contact paper. Then glue on ribbon and buttons to decorate. The colors are really off in these photos, they are really quite bright and cheery.

The top is an empty ribbon spool trimmed with a scrap of ribbon. Card stock circles cover the writing on the top and bottom of spool. Everything is hung from fishing line and tied to a cafe curtain ring to hang. Oh and of course a hole is punched along the edge of each can to hang them.

The cans make a nice "clack clack" noise, sort of like a wooden chime would, not too startling. My son was able to apply the contact paper and glue on the trims himself. Great children and eco-friendly craft!


urban craft said...

Love this idea! Simple & creative!

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