Jul 14, 2009

Playground Workout

*image credit- stockvault.net

Like most moms, I don't get enough exercise. I hear people say all the time that running around with a small child is bound to keep you fit. Not so in my case. Yes, my legs are strong and my arms are ok. However, everything in between is very much not in shape! I have been trying to take brisk walks in the evening with my son. We have a sidewalk all around our neighborhood and the park, so there is lots to see.

Unfortunately for me, trying to get my heart rate up while walking with a four year old, proves challenging. I spend a lot of time walking in circles around him just to keep up my momentum, while he stops to examine a rock or bug. I have also practiced the walk ahead and then double back routine, while he takes a rest to think about the clouds. I sometimes even get in some strength training when he decides he needs to be carried because his legs "just can't walk another step mom"!

Probably not the ideal way to lift weights, as my back will no doubt pay the price for carrying and un-even 42lb weight load. Still it's better than no walking at all. I would love to get back to running daily like I did before he was born, but I don't think that will happen until he is much older. I did find another way to workout as well, Rocky Balboa style. While he plays in the playground at the park, I can walk/run up and down the bleachers and still keep an eye on him. I can't wait until he is riding a two wheel bike and we can go biking together! Then mommy will really start to shape up.


Vixen said...

Oh I love the Rocky style exercise, what a great idea! Would he sit in one of those jogging stroller things? I see them often at garage sales and on Craigslist for cheap.

Just an idea.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I definitely need to get back to working out! I used to be so good about it before kids ... now I have two and am out of shape!

DJ said...

@Vixen: I wish he would still fit in a stroller!
@Holly: I don't know how I would ever do it with two, but I bet you can. You still have youth on your side!

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