Jul 19, 2009

The First Watermelon... Almost

I may not be able to grow pumpkins, but I can grow watermelon! I found this tennis ball size baby melon in the garden today. Now for the bad news... ten minutes after taking this picture, my dog "Spirit"
(you have met her before,) also found this watermelon.
Suffice to say, we will now have to wait for the tiny ones to grow as this one is no more! It must have been growing there a while, but she had no interest in it until I touched it.

Now to figure out how to protect the others. The vine has quite a few more little ones and tons of flowers. I know she can jump the fence, so I'm thinking some kind of wire grid to cover them on the ground that she can't get her mouth through. Any other ideas?


Vixen said...

Oh no. Spirit the watermelon killer!

We put a fence around ours to keep the bassett out (to keep her from smooshing the plants to death lying on them). Obviously, the chihuahuas can jump over it, but they could care less about the plants so we lucked out.

My watermelon is flowers only....or maybe there could be something hiding underneath? I will have to get someone to look for me.

DJ said...

@Vixen: I had to really look under the leaves to find them, I bet if you look hard you might find one!

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