Apr 27, 2009

Garden Progress

We are making more progress in the garden. Today I fenced off a corner of the backyard to use as a compost pile. I used a roll of 3 foot tall galvanized hardware wire and some bamboo stakes to anchor it. My son had fun filling it with leaves.

I had no sooner finished throwing in a banana peel and some strawberry tops, when one of our dogs decided to investigate. She paced the fence for a good twenty minutes trying to figured out how to get to the fruit.

We also hung a bird feeder and she was at it again. I wonder how long it's going to take until she either pulls down the feeder or jumps in the compost pile? She is one of the reasons the backyard got so out of control to start with. She pulls up plants, grabs branches off the trees and drags them around.
If you are trying to plant, she runs off with the pots.
That dog is tons of trouble! Her name is Spirit and she certainly lives up to it.


Dana said...

Your compost pile looks a lot like ours but we used poultry wire. And the dog sounds like our Copper, but he has to be kept on a leash even in a fenced yard or out he goes. That's the way with Beagles, I guess. Lucky for him, he's incredibly cute.

Simone said...

Haha, naughty dog. I have a dog like that! Trouble for sure, but still enjoyable, right?

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

We have our daughter's black lab who goes into our backyard and collects everything from pots, branches, garbage...you name it. He takes it to a pile he has...his very own stash. You want to kill them but love the antics of the gathering process!

Mom To A Preschooler and a Poodle said...

Lol! Your dog really has some character. I am glad that you already have some progress on your garden plans, and it is really clear that Spirit is having a transition. LOL. Her name really suits her well.

Vixen said...

Argh, the darn dogs! I caught my basset in the corn this morning. She snuck in and was trampling and digging. Phoeey! I think I built a better garden guard now (I hope).

DJ said...

Dana: Yes, Beagles can be incredible escape artists!
Simone: Yeah, I guess we will keep her. :)
Alicia: I had a Dobi once who not only collected, but guarded it as well. You did not touch his stuff!
Mom: Isn't it funny how they seem to grow into their names?
Vixen: I know, I may be crazy for trying to plant at all! Time will tell.

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