Apr 30, 2009

A Bookcase for Every Child

When this story arrived in my inbox, I had to share.
Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Jim Davidson of Arkansas has started a project called "A Bookcase for Every Child".
The project aims to increase literacy by providing children from
low-income families with a handmade bookcase and a starter set of books and encouraging parents to read to their children.

Community volunteers have built 250 custom bookcases so far and delivered them to children, with books included.
The project is funded 100% by donations and from the proceeds of Mr. Davidson's book sales. He hopes that communities nationwide join in the project to help fight illiteracy in this country.

The idea of providing a bookcase with the books is what struck a chord with me. I remember when I was a girl and I finally got my own room, the one thing that I wanted most was a bookcase. That first bookcase was only made of cinder blocks and planks of wood, but to me it was my own private library! I arranged them in proper order and even started my own card catalog.

This is a wonderful way to give back and to help a child develop a lifelong love of reading. They will help you start a project in your own area as well, for more information visit: A Bookcase for Every Child.


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

What a great program! Thanks for the heads-up on it. I remember my first bookshelf, too. It seemed almost decadent.

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