Aug 24, 2008

My Material Boy

It has happened, my son has become a consumer!
Until now because I’m a crafter, he thought mommy "made" all our things.
Also because I don’t “go shopping” (other than groceries, I shop online), he is un-aware that superstores exist.
However, now that he has mastered, he found that some games won’t play. The “premium” games, the ones you buy and download.
So nice mommy that I am, I grabbed my credit card and purchased a new Blues Clues Game.

Of course it didn’t end there, this morning he says to me “ Mommy, I really, really love this new game, lets check out some more!”
I said “No those games cost money, you may play the free ones.”
He was quiet for a moment and then replied “It’s ok just get your credit card to do it”.
Time to explain plastic money.
I did find a article that talks about how to raise money smart kids, I'll start there.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Of course! You don't need money, just use the credit card! And if you ever do need money, don't worry -- just go to the ATM! ;)

flit said...

took quite some time before my kids ~got~ the whole ATM thing :)

just so easy!

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