Jun 19, 2008

Mom's Lessons

Just a few things I've learned recently and thought I'd share:

1. Put a small piece of damp paper towel in the playdoh container overnight and it will be soft again.
2. If a game or toy has many pieces that are duplicates, put some away for later. For example: coins, play money, forks and spoons etc. Then they all don't get lost or broken at once and the toy has a longer shelf life.
3. Dilute the bubble solution some, because it still works fine and it will last longer. Also put a small amount in a separate container so when they spill it (and they will) it wont all be lost.
4. As soon as possible teach your child how to make paper airplanes on their own.
5. Don't store the fish food near the tank.
6. Old maps make fun treasure maps.
7. Old monthly calendar pages are great for tic tac toe.
8. A 3 shelf bookshelf makes a fine grocery store.
9. Blue painters tape is great for repairing book spines.
10. Dry Erase marker doesn't come off semi-gloss paint.
Do you have any to share?


Mariana said...

What great tips! I'm going to use the play-doh one right now. You have a wonderful blog, btw. Although I haven't commented before, I've been lurking for a while. Thank you for the comments on my blog.

Lizette said...

Love your blog - I'll mention it on mine! I'm also a home school mom.

Holly said...

My son isn't two yet -- I have a lot of learning to do!

Crafty Mama said...

Dryer sheets in the vacuum cleaner's bag makes the house smell nice while getting it cleaner.

Dawn said...

Permanent marker comes easily off a dry erase board if you colour over it with a dry erase marker first.

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