Feb 20, 2015

Our New Feline Friend, Jabu

siamese cat

This beautiful guy showed up at our door last week. After checking him out to be sure he was ok, I tried to ignore him, thinking he would go home. He never left. So of course I started feeding him while putting out the word that I'd found a cat. I thought for sure he belonged to someone. He was neutered and not too bedraggled, so I figured he had not been outside long.  No one was looking for him and he had no collar or microchip.

siamese cat

After a few days of hanging out on my front porch, I decided to bring him in. We had some bad weather coming and I couldn't rest knowing he was outside. So I treated him for his fleas and brought him into my Florida room, separate from my cats. He was spooked for a little while, but then settled down and went to sleep.  Now he's flea free and seems happy to be here. I have named him Jabu and I guess he will be staying.


Lin said...

Awww! That is great that you took him in! Thank you!!!

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