Jun 11, 2013

A River Walk and A Barn

Last week we took a road trip down historic Indian River Drive to the St Lucie County History Center. The ride alone was an event. Indian River Drive runs directly along the Indian River, 19 miles to Ft Pierce, Fl.  On your right is the river and on your left are some of the areas most historic homes and newer fabulous ones! It's hard to know which way to to look, as there are no bad views. My son was full of oohs and aahs at every turn!
The History Center had outdoor and indoor exhibits. My son loved the old barn and farming equipment. He's been reading novels about early pioneer life, so this trip was great for bringing images to life for him.

They even had an old (and still working, I was told ) pioneers moonshine still. Wonder how often they test it?

Inside the Historic Center was really amazing! Full of exhibits of early Florida Indian and pioneer life. It really was too much for one visit and we will be going back to take more pictures and maybe eat lunch by the river.


Lin said...

Looks like a fun day! Your son really grew up a lot this year. He must have grown 3 inches!!

DJ said...

@Lin: Yeah, he really did shoot up! I think he's going to be a tall one.

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