Feb 25, 2013

It Was Not To Be

Even though I had hoped with all my heart that this Clara was healthy and would be with us for many long years, it was not to be so. Of all things, she developed megaesophagus to due PRAA, a condition that is rare in cats. She did manage to grow to four months old but only weighed 2.5 pounds.
I consulted with a surgeon to possibly repair the problem, but she was too small.
He wanted her to be 4-5 pounds. However this last week, no matter what I tried to feed her, she could not swallow and was loosing weight rapidly. She was no longer a candidate for surgery, so with a heavy heart, I euthanized her.
We miss her little face. Of all the orphans that I have bottle fed over the years, she was by far the sweetest. She just couldn't grow up. Sometimes when a mother cat abandons her kitten, there is a good reason. At least she was loved during her short time here with us. 


Lin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. :( I'm sure you miss her very much. But think of all the love and care you gave her in her too short life--You were so good to her! ((hugs))

DJ said...

Thanks Lin, it never gets easier. I think we will retire the name "Clara" now. Two kittens that didn't get to grow up are enough.

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