Nov 8, 2012

Clara Too

black and white kitten

Two years ago in November I told you about loosing our Clara kitten.  She was just over a year old when she died. We were very sad here for a while, Clara was such a tiny ball fire and fun.

Well, last week we took in another little orphan who just happens to be black and white like Clara.
My son instantly named her Clara Too, but she will most likely just be called Clara. Fortunately this little girl was older and stronger when she was found in a drain pipe.

She's about four weeks old now and I will be starting to wean her off bottle feedings soon. Today she figured out that her tiny litter box is not for playing in or for sleeping in. So no more messy towels to wash I hope!

We don't know for sure yet that she is completely healthy, but so far she is doing quite well. I think she is going to be bigger and fluffier than Clara one, and I don't think she will fool the other cats at all by using the same name ;)  She's awfully cute though, don't you think?



Katie said...

I adore her little "fight the power" fist in the first image. Fight on, Little Clara The Sequel.

DJ said...

@Katie: LOL, your right she does look like she's making a fist!

Lin said...

Oh, she is ADORABLE!! I'm sure she will be fine, but it's normal to worry. We had that happen too--we lost our kitten at 1 year as well. I still miss that cat!!

Give Clara Too a smoochie from Aunt Lin! :)

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