Jun 19, 2012

Summer Science Projects

image: USDA
This summer we are planning some science projects involving local resources. First up will be collecting water samples and viewing their microscopic contents.

My good friend, the local veterinarian, loaned us her extra microscope for our studies. We are so grateful for her assistance with extra supplies and learning materials, I would not have access to otherwise (not free anyway)!

I found some great links online for identification and experiment ideas:

Protist Park : Contains an introduction to Protists (pond life) and video gallery of mini movies and a cool short story with the movie links included in order.

Nikon MicroscopyU : This site contains many great live video and image galleries for many subjects including pond life. Ton's of educational material here!

The Freshwater Life: Has everything you new to know about collecting samples, growing specimens and identifying them. Lots to learn!

So we are going hunting for pond scum is Florida's swamps and ponds (well, around the neighborhood anyway). Hope we make it back alive!


Lin said...


Have you ever dissected owl pellets? I always liked doing that with the kids.

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