Jul 25, 2011

Mom Questions

boyWhy can't six year old boys sit straight, on the whole chair ? Do they always have to sit half-on, half-off, ready to bolt at any moment?

Why does my son pack enough of "his stuff" to play with in the car for a three day weekend, when we are only running a twenty minute errand?

Why don't the shoes I bought for him, two sizes too big last winter (on sale) for this summer, only fit for one month?

How can he eat chocolate ice cream and drink grape juice at the same time! Eeeee, it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

What happens to my son's hearing while he is playing Wizard 101 on the computer? Does the wizard world come with magic "invisible to moms" headphones to help tune me out?

Will he always look like my sweet little boy when he's asleep with a book tucked under his arm, even when he's not a little boy anymore? I hope so.


Holly said...

Heh! I wonder about some of the same things. My four-year-old often falls off his chair because he is sitting on it halfway. Also, while I was dropping things left and right walking across a parking lot with my two-year-old and all his "stuff," I told myself my next outing with the kids will be limiting the "stuff" to one.item.each.

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