Jun 5, 2011

Life In The Car

red carHow did we get to June already? I seemed to have missed the whole first week! My pet sitting business has picked up considerably over the same period last year. I'm quite surprised (but not complaining) as the economy seems to be worse overall. We have been on the road morning, noon and night this week, walking and feeding pets.

While that may sound like fun (and most of the time it is!), trying to fit in meals for a rapidly growing six year old around that schedule, has become a challenge. His appetite is huge right now and he can hardly make it to his between meal snacks without a melt down. So I try to stock the car with healthy (not too messy) snacks for the road. Favorites are Kashi cereal bars and crackers, whole grain fig newtons and apple slices.

Most days I have a cooler (it's already 400 degrees in Fl. ok not really, but it's hot!) with sandwiches and yogurt for our lunches. The hard part is having enough cold water to drink. We are never in the car long enough between houses for the A/C to even cool it down.

I hope this continues through the summer with vacation travelers. It would be nice to get ahead of the bills for a change. We technically home school year round, so lately a lot of that has been in the car as well. My son brings lots of books to read and we play verbal math games too.

The only down side, is that we have not been home much to get things around the house done, but I guess it can wait. So we are off again now... with our life in the car!


Lin said...

Well, I guess you can't complain if you have all those jobs, right? But it is hard on you and your son driving around all day--I get that. Maybe just pack a cooler with a lot of ice to keep your water cold. And eat the yogurt early in the day when it is still cold.

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