Apr 9, 2011

Mother's Little Math Helper

The most beautiful thing arrived in my mailbox today, a math dictionary! OK maybe not beautiful but incredibly handy to say the least. As my son is racing ahead in his learning, my brain has been lagging behind in the memory department. I was in need of a refresher in math vocabulary. So off to Amazon I went and ordered Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables (Grades 4-9)

No, my son is not doing 4th grade math yet, but we have skipped 2nd grade and are starting 3rd. This little book is perfect for what I need now. It will be great to make sure I'm using the correct term when talking with him and also to keep me one step ahead. It's amazing how much of the terminology you forget when you are not practicing math every day, yet you are using what you learned years ago!

You know what else is amazing? I never liked math, it was confusing and tedious to me. However, watching my son grasping concepts like fractions and pre-algebra equations, has left me in awe and sparked my own interest in the history and beauty of mathematics. If you would have told me ten years ago that at fifty, I'd be teaching my 6 year old son fractions, I would have laughed at you! Yet, here I am, doing just that.


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