Dec 19, 2010

Fresh Paint

new paint
Ok, here it is finally, the new house colors! Yeah, I know, kind of blah in this photo. However, when the grass turns green again and the light is better, it will look a lovely shade of tan and white.

The old siding was vertical planks and it was yellow and white. I also have the old shutters in the garage but I'm not sure I will put them back up. I've been told they are passe'.... plus they are dark green.

No outdoor Christmas decor this year, I'm not attaching anything to that new siding and paint anytime soon! Not until my bank account stops smouldering anyway.


Vixen said...

It looks really good!

Lin said...

Oh, it looks GREAT! LOVE the color. We put up new siding a couple of years ago and I still can't stick a nail in it to hang stuff!

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