Nov 18, 2010

Our Clara Kitty has Passed On

I'm sad to report that our new little kitten "Clara" who joined us last September after a rough start, has passed away. She would have died the day I found her had I not intervened, but it turns out she was carrying the dry form of the FIP virus.

FIP is almost always fatal, but sometimes they can survive and live a happy life for a while. She had a good year, but started failing and showing neurological signs last month. I held off on neutering her at the usual time because I knew this could cause additional stress and bring on the virus.

Her sister "Asia" is still doing well, but is upset and looking for her in every room of our house.
We are hoping she has managed to fight off the virus and will survive.

Clara is the black and white kitten in the photo. Asia is the torti point Siamese.
I will miss her, she was such a tiny little cat (only 4.5lbs) but she was a clown at heart. If Asia remains healthy until she is 2yrs old, chances are good for her that she will live a normal life.


Lin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, pally! Losing an animal friend is awful--even if you only had her a short time. I think it was wonderful that you gave her a great life for the short time she was here. Hugs to you and your son--I'm sure he is devastated. :(

Happy Elf Mom said...

Aw, I hope Asia stays around a good long while. So sorry about Clara! There is never a good time to lose a pet.

Betty said...

So sorry you lost Clara! Prayer Asia has a long life with you.

It is really hard to lose a loved cat, my Tigger had been aound 6 years when I lost him last year and still missing him!

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