Aug 7, 2010

Hello World, We're Back!

For the last four days, we have lived in a cave. Not literally, but it sure felt that way. I recently switched phone/TV and Internet providers and have had a lot of service interruption since the very first night of installation. The whole system finally went down Tuesday and would not come back.

A small army of technicians have been marching through my house since, looking for the problem. Turns out after many failed attempts, they discovered that squirrels or maybe rats had been chewing at the ends of the buried cables outside and across the street, that have been unused for years.

It seems to be fixed now (fingers crossed) but what a nightmare. I would love to say that this time away from technology and information was relaxing and refreshing, but I can't. We still had to be here during the time they were trying to fix it, so they could keep testing the lines from house.

My son has now watched every holiday DVD (Halloween and Christmas) we own, twice. I've had enough Charlie Brown for the coming holiday season, thank you very much and it's only August!
I do have a cell phone (not a smart phone), so I could check on my mother, but my clients don't have that number and I don't want them too. I could not get any business calls or even their emails.

It's so brutally hot and dry here, that spending time outside was limited. Not to mention difficult, as I had to keep an eye on the animals with the technicians going in and out of the doors endlessly. I'm exhausted from doing nothing. Nothing but waiting and listening to one explanation for the problems after another, and another.

So we are back now, yea! The phone is ringing again, Discovery Kids is back on and I have back my reason for living...the Internet. May it live long and prosper!


Lin said...

Isn't it funny how what we think would be glorious (without phones, internet, power, etc) ends up being so darn stressful???! Glad you are back in action, pally!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Yay! That must have been rough!

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