Jul 12, 2010

Move over Dr. Oz!

My son has always loved drawing maps, mazes, diagrams, charts etc. Whenever he develops a new interest or has mastered a concept, he wants to teach (show) it to me. He also loves Dr. Oz.
He will stop whatever he's doing and come watch if he hears him speaking.

After a recent show on the brain and strokes, this is what he drew on the whiteboard. The drawing shows a brain with a clot, neurons sending messages throughout the body and the position of the brain in the skull.

I'm amazed how much he learns from Dr. Oz and his show! My son quotes him when we go grocery shopping and tells me what's healthy to buy. I think I may have a doctor in the making. Lookout Dr. Oz, someone I know is shooting for your time slot!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Awesome! You have a smart cookie on your hands. Dr. Oz is fascinating, no wonder he's absorbed by the show! :)

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

It's amazing to me how much our children pick up from the world around them. If you had tried to make a lesson on healthy eating, in a sit down, read this book because it's the one the school recommended, kind of way his interest would probably have been crushed. The human brain is a wondrous thing!

DJ said...

@Holly: I like him too, even if sometimes he seems a little too Hollywood!
@Obimom: Your so right. If this had been my idea, he probably would have balked.

Vixen said...

That kid is so smart!

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