Jun 16, 2010


at the beach Whose got big plans this summer? I wish I could say we did but like most summers when your a pet sitter, I stay home so you don't have to. As many other families will be heading off on summer vacations, my son and I will be walking and feeding their pets.

Even if I could take a few days off, there is no pet sitter for the pet sitter ( ironic, I know).
Then there is the problem of my eighty two year old mother almost always needing me for one thing or another. It has been well over a decade since I have been anywhere for any reason, let alone for fun.

Still, I hope to have some slow times here and there to do some fun summertime activities with my son. He loves to go fishing, so the very next less than sweltering evening, we will go to the little lake nearby and fish. Also since Grandma has a pool, he can play in the water there while I tend to her business.

It's shaping up to be a hotter than normal summer here it seems, which usually leads to a busy hurricane watching season too. Not exactly my idea of summer fun! Before any storms head our way, I'm having the house re-sided. The siding has needed to be dealt with for a while now and time has run out.

So that's what is in store for us. What about you, tell me about your summer plans? Give me something to shoot for next year!


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

Our big plans revolve around getting to know our new city, getting all of our belongings into their new places, and preparing to homeschool in a state with more requirements and paperwork than our old state - which didn't require any type of state involvement or notification.

DJ said...

@Obi-Mom: Glad to hear your getting settled. I suppose there could be some adventure in finding your way around your new town. Hope you can find some time to have fun.

Lin said...

I like that you are planning some fun things even though you can't get away. It's such a mind set to have fun in the summer with the kids home. I always hated when other moms complained about the kids being home--I liked the lack of a strict schedule. I say enjoy relaxing and going fishing!

hipumpkins said...

Usually we don't plan summer get a ways b/c we homeschool and like to go away in October but this year we were invited to North Carolina and will be spending a week there with friends.
In October though we go to Florida to visit family.

DJ said...

@Lin: I know, I always cringe when I hear mothers say that too. Sure there are times I would like to be alone but for the most part, I enjoy my son's company.

@hipumpkins: Hope you enjoy both your trips this year. October is a better month to visit Florida anyway!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hey, cool, I didn't know you are a pet sitter. We don't have much going on this summer. Summers are usually so blah. After our first summer married, when we had to cut short a trip to protect our home from a hurricane, my husband and I decided to pretty much stay home with hurricane season in mind.

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