Jun 26, 2010

An Almost New House

houseIt's the end of a very busy week! Workmen have been here re-siding the house. I think they did a good job. We still have to paint. The photo above is of the new siding in the color it comes already primed. It's HardiePlank siding and it won't rot or attract termites.

Speaking of termites, unfortunately they found some damage under the old wood. So next week we will have a treatment for subterranean termites. After that, we will paint. I have not decided on colors yet. It's hard to see in this photo, but there is cedar trim around the windows and doors.

The house had been a butter yellow with white trim. I'm thinking of something more earthy, yet a little bolder this time. Maybe some beep blues and forest greens. All opinions are welcome! Tomorrow we will be out in the yard picking up nails and construction debris before the dog finds it.


Mrs. C said...

OOh, pretty. I think a "earthy" reddish brown might make a pretty trim if it's selected well. :)

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