May 21, 2010

Seed Germination


This week we started a new science project to study seed germination. We decided to use some birdseed (hoping to get sunflowers to plant) to compare how long it takes the different seeds to sprout. We placed them on some wet cotton in a tray and we have a clear plastic top to cover them with. Condensation will form to keep the cotton moist.

After they sprout, we will identify and chart the growth of each type of seed. You can find many great charts and diagrams to use at Enchanted They also have coloring pages and booklets to print out as well.

seed chart

I also found this great image from The University of New Mexico, that I was able to laminate and put up on our bulletin board to study. It identifies the many parts of seeds and germinating plants. You will find a lot of other helpful and very detailed reading on their site.

After the sunflowers sprout, we will plant them in the yard and then continue to observe them to see how long it takes for the flowers to bloom and return to seed once again. The other seedlings we will scatter under the bird feeder for the rabbits to munch on.

This is an easy and complete life cycle to learn from, plus you might even get some fresh sunflowers seeds to eat yourself when you are finished!


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