Apr 6, 2010

They're All Legs!

sandhill cranesI can't believe how fast they have grown! The Sandhill Crane babies have doubled in size since my March 23rd post. They are always very busy pecking away at the ground for food, and the ground seems to be getting farther and farther away.

They have changed color a bit too. Their feathers are not as golden brown as they were. More of a tan color now.

This is right next to a golf course and there were plenty of golfers and golf carts around, but the cranes hardly seem to notice. We don't even get out of my car for these photos because I don't want the babies to run. I just shoot from an open window.

sandhill cranesWe have gotten very close to the adults in the neighborhood but that was without babies around.
For now we will stay in the car just in case mama bird decides to protect her young and charge.
That beak looks like a lethal weapon to me.


Lin said...

Look at those legs!!! Criminy!! I would stay in the car too--I'll bet that mom could get nasty mean. I'm glad you posted these--I LOVE seeing them! We don't have them here.

Vixen said...

Holy long legs, Batman! They really have grown UP.

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