Apr 11, 2010

Building A Birdhouse


paintingMy son was given this birdhouse kit by a friend some time ago and we decided to build it last week. I wanted to wait until he could do most of it himself. I had to help with the screws but he managed the nails alone.

He was very proud of his color choices, but he didn't like that the Home Depot words still could be seen through the paint. So he put a bird sticker over it when it was dry (Sorry, Home Depot).
I thought that was a clever way to solve a design problem!

The birdhouse is made to hang on the outside of a window with suction cups. The back is plexiglas so you can see the bird as it's nesting. I told my son that I don't think that will work in our house. No normal bird will want to see this staring back at him while he's in his house!

funny cat


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

How about a small piece of one-way mirror or one-way film so you can watch the birds but they won't see the fuzzy face of death watching them?

DJ said...

@Obi-Mom: lol "fuzzy face of death" he is. That's a good idea about the one way film!

Lin said...

Hee! Hee! I think it would just drive the cat nuts to see those birdies up close!! Your son did a GREAT job on that house all by himself. What a sense of accomplishment!

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