Mar 8, 2010

Robot Kits, a Better Idea!

robot drawing

After a head banging weekend of studying robotics, I gave up, for now anyway. Too many parts, too many options, too much time!
This is the picture my son drew of what he wanted his robot to look like (note remote control in corner).


This is the non-robotic crafty one I made from bits and pieces.
Kind of cute, I thought. Thank goodness for duct tape and curtain hooks.

This is the kit robotI finally ordered for us to make. This one does move and runs on batteries. I also found out they make other pre-package kits for beginners to start with, yea!
Thank you for not making me buy a soldering iron and learn circuitry just yet.


Vixen said...

Hooray for kits!

DJ said...

@Vixen: I know right! Toys have changed so much since I was a child. I should have known they made kits now.

Renae said...

What fun! My son has been designing robots in his head and on paper for years. I look forward to showing him the sites you mentioned, and maybe this little can robot would be a great place to start. I know it's MUCH cheaper than the Lego Robotics he really wants.

DJ said...

@Renae: I know about the Lego ones as well but like you said, too expensive. Every time his new Lego magazine comes in the mail, I spend a good week making excuses for why he can't have every kit in it. If I'm not careful they will find me buried under a pile of Legos in my living room one day, lol
He does love the tin can one and you get to recycle as well! Plus I also found solar power kits, I'm saving up for.

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