Mar 29, 2010

The Easter Alien


Next Sunday is Easter and my son has been looking for his Easter basket every morning for a week now. He's already questioning the reality of the whole Easter Bunny existence and I'm fine with that. In our house, Easter is the celebration of the Spring season and this year, I'm calling it a Spring basket.

I've never told him that the Easter Bunny was real (or Santa for that matter), only that certain mythical characters have come to represent the different seasons and celebrations. The way his brain works, I knew that he would know the difference between fairytale and reality at a very young age.

This has been a relief for me, because as a child I knew my parents were making things up, but I went along with it until one day I just laughed at them and called their stories fake and it was all over after that.

What my son is waiting for is the chocolate and surprises in his basket of course. He could care less who brought it, a big bunny, mom or space aliens! Now that I mention it, he would probably prefer the space aliens.


Vixen said...

Easter Aliens. I think I like it.

Lin said...

This is the first year I am not buying Easter presents. I mean, the "kids" are 15 and 18 for goodness sake. Could I not have to hide presents from the Easter Bunny??

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